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Canape Couture

Canape Couture

Canape Couture

It’s January, and the days are dark and it’s pretty cold too. We keep ourselves positive and peppy at this time of year by creating the LoveBites 2018 menu – We both always look to the catwalks to see what’s happening in the world of fashion, to take inspiration for our little pieces of edible art.

Very pleasingly, this season’s shows are bringing us big and bold neons, and shimmering bronzes. More than enough for us to work on. Rachel spotted neon pink and brilliant yellows on the Tom Ford shows and we were sold. Inspired with it all, Kelly set about creating a bright little treat, and we’ll even share the recipe with you, so you can have a bit of sunshine in your life (if you’re up for the challenge that is!).

Making our menus bespoke is something of a pash of ours. By nature, a canape party is a usually a pretty special affair, and often to impress guests even more, we come up with ways of using our food to compliment the host, the venue or the product. Very often, we’ll be out serving our little beauties for the fashionistas at catwalk events – it really gets our creative juices going, matching the canapes to the looks of the models; their make-up, outfits, fragrance and more (we’re feeling particularly excited by Tom Ford’s F ing Fabulous fragrance!).

So, seeing that neon is tipped to be the next big thing, we immediately bought in the brightest and boldest neon food paints we could find. We had great fun having an art attack moment with it as you can see!

Inspired by these colours, Kelly designed her fabulous punchy Bergamot Balls. There’s a few stages to the recipe, but we promise it’s worth it. These are super at a canape party – we’ve can’t wait to brighten peoples’ days this year when we’re out catering canape parties in the Cotswolds.

What is Bergamot we hear you ask? It’s a zippy, vibrant little citrus fruit with a glorious aroma. Described as ‘sunshine in a bottle’ it’s a real treat. And heck, if Jo Malone uses it, we’re all in.

So without further ado, here’s the recipe for Bergamot Balls – guaranteed to brighten your day, and they’re stunning too. Think Heston’s meat fruit and you’ll get the gist of it at the end…

Our Orange & Bergamot Balls

You’ll need:
3 bergamots juiced
3 eggs
125g of caster sugar
100ml of whipped double cream
Zest of an orange
250g Fresh orange juice
Small pinch of salt
6-7 sheets of gelatine

Whisk the bergamot juice, eggs and caster sugar together in a large bowl until the sugar has dissolved. Fold in the double cream and zest.

Pre-heat the oven to 160c. Line small dariole moulds (easier to google that one than to explain it!) with cling film and fill the moulds with the mixture.

Sit the moulds in a baking tray and half fill with hot water, cook for 45 mins or until the parfait is set (retaining a delightful wibble).

Once they are cooled remove from the mould and freeze.

To make the orange jelly, gently heat the orange juice with bits and add the leaves of gelatine. Allow to cool to 19c.

Gently pop a cocktail stick into the frozen parfait and dip the lollipops into the syrup, and repeat until the pop is orange and shiny.

Very gently remove the cocktail stick and pop a leaf of Greek basil into the hole which goes perfectly with the citrus flavours.

Allow the parfait to defrost and place onto a small rosemary shortbread (being a canape chef Kelly makes hers, but we won’t judge if yours are shop bought).

Good luck – do feel free to post questions below and hopefully some pictures of your successes!