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Poolhouse at the Lakes

Poolhouse at the Lakes

POOLHOUSE, launched in summer 2017 at the prestigious Lakes by yoo is a dreamy, 5,500 square foot holiday home which we were only too happy to design a menu for. We’re so proud that our gorgeous little morsels have found their way to such exclusive heights.

When we were approached by Elliott Wakefield, the Lakes by yoo General Manager, to design a St Tropez inspired menu for ‘The Perfect Pool Party’ we in true LOVEBITES fashion rolled our sleeves up and cracked on crafting some unique gems. Kelly had sleepless nights over her ‘pineapples’ – which were in fact blackberries, hand painted in layers of gold-leaf. But you know us – dedicated to detail, Kelly saw these glorious canapes as really evoking Riviera glamour and the golden hue of a setting sun, so she persevered on!

We were delighted to bring our LOVEBITES vibe to the press launch of POOLHOUSE, which due to the predictably poor weather ended up being in the Kate Moss designed BARNHOUSE. Mingling with press from The Sunday Times, Spear’s, Red, Good Housekeeping and more we served up our POOLHOUSE menu, which went down a storm (and far better than the actual storm on the day).

It was great fun working with the The Lakes by yoo, they are truly one of our favourite venues, and we can’t wait for the next POOLHOUSE booking. We love nothing more than working on exciting and creative events and channelling the brief we receive into our captivating canapes.

We’ll keep our eyes peeled for coverage in the next few weeks!


Our favourites from the menu: 'Pineapple' Cheesecakes

Venue: POOLHOUSE, The Lakes by yoo. Designed by Hamilford Designs.

Package: The Perfect Pool Party although we also book private parties at the Lakes by yoo