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Dazzling canapes from LoveBites

Dazzling canapes from LoveBites

IF your idea of canapés is a few sad-looking vol-au-vents, mini pizzas and sausages on sticks, you obviously haven’t been to an event catered for by canapé queens Kelly Bailey and Rachel Thursfield.

A spoonful of roast lamb and rosemary jus, a soupçon of chocolate torte and a pipette of salted caramel sauce could be just the morsels needed to make your event the talking point of the year.

Each canapé created by LoveBites is a mini culinary masterpiece, lovingly handcrafted to aesthetic and mouthwatering perfection by foodie fan Kelly.

Although they only launched in September, LoveBites has already catered for several high profile events in Gloucestershire and beyond, as well as private parties, and they are earning a name for themselves as the company to book for something completely different.

“We chose our name because we want everybody to love every bite of our canapés,” said Kelly, who is in charge of thinking up and creating all the food.

“We went to a New Year’s Eve party where everybody had to take something to eat and I was chosen to make the canapés. "From that event I got three bookings, although I wasn’t actually doing them as a business then.

“After that I thought I might as well start so I joined up with Rachel, who is the business brains behind the company, and we launched LoveBites.”

It is Kelly’s job to design the canapés, which she does for every event she holds, chatting with clients beforehand to see the kind of food they like and then going away and thinking up her amazing creations.

To whet your appetite, some of the ideas she has served up include chive and sea salt shortbread with Cheddar foam, custard explosion and raspberry crush, pea shooter and parmesan crisp, and goats’ cheese spheres with balsamic pearls.

“I get new ideas all the time,” she said. “I found some bright green wasabi caviar at a market in London, so when I got it home I made these little edible spoons with bright red beetroot crème fraiche and the wasabi and the contrasting bright colours looked amazing.

Another canapé I do is Cotswold lamb with rosemary jus and mint jelly – it’s a bit like a mini Sunday lunch served up on a spoon. Another time at a casino party I did mini lemon tarts with edible gaming chips and coins.

“I don’t believe in serving up mini pizzas or quiches or things on a piece of toast; that isn’t my style. I want to serve amazing-tasting food that also looks stunning so it creates a talking point.

“Not only do our canapés taste fantastic but they are also just the thing to get your guests talking; they’re perfect for a networking event when you have to break the ice with a lot of people who may not know each other.”

Kelly also serves up some of her canapés like courses, so you can have an entire cordon bleu meal in tiny, bite-sized portions, from the amuse bouche through the fish course, main dish, cheese and dessert all in canapé form.

“It’s a great, contemporary way to do food at an event, you’re making a statement and it’s cheaper than having to serve up a whole meal and feed a whole crowd of people. We think they’ve really got the wow factor.

“Since launching we’ve catered for weddings, townhouse private parties and big companies, such as the launch of a new Mercedes and a party for Savills.

Kelly also pairs up some of the canapés with a shot of alcohol, such as flavoured vodka or other spirits, often storing them in the freezer beforehand so they are served ice cold.

Having previously worked in the catering world, including running her own acclaimed restaurant, Kelly has a passion and flair for creating something exciting and new.

“We’ve been amazed by how much interest there has been, it’s been a real whirlwind start for us,” she said. “We’re both really passionate about it and I think it’s got real potential as a business as people want to step away from the norm and do something different.”

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