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Business Rocks the Cotswolds

Business Rocks the Cotswolds

I think it’s fair to say that everyone who came was inspired and left with their brains buzzing with ideas, thoughts and learnings to apply to their own businesses.

We heard four incredible business stories:
- George Davies, the retail legend told us about his career at places like Next and M&S
- Mark Borkowski gave us some fascinating insights into global celebrity & big brands PR
- Sarah Dunning inspired us with her journey to build the inspiring Gloucester Services
- Chris Wright talked about rock stars, Chrysalis & the challenge of owning sports teams

We are so grateful to the team at Elmore Court for inviting us to the incredible Gillyflower - what a venue it was. And to Anne Dawson for hosting and keeping things on track.

We'd like to thank:
Our sponsors - Crowe Clark Whitehill, Hardware Group, NatWest, the Growth Hub and Tanners
Oasis Events and Every Event for the furniture and colourful bean bags
Major Entertainment for saving us with the A/V. They did a great job.
Andy from Somewhere Else for keeping us hydrated with coffee, tea and prosecco.
Love Bites - totally unique nibbles with colour, originality, creativity and a sense of humour.
Loco Glass and Cotswold Distillery for the thank you pressies for our speakers.
McPhersonStevens for filming the day - videos coming soon
Sarah McDowell from the Uni of Glos for all the fab photos
Alex Robertson for being a magic man.

If you have any ways of supporting Rock the Cotswold, either through sponsorship, CSR funding or just an idea that we can work on together, please do let us know.


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